Turn Key Low Voltage Solutions

Structured Cabling
Whether you have a business, work for the government or you work in education, structured cabling is an important part of your operations. Your network is the central nervous system of your operation and you need to make sure it’s wired correctly and well organized. It’s one of the most important, often overlooked and underestimated systems of your organization.

Medina Electric offers a comprehensive line of end-to-end copper cabling solutions designed to deliver the highest performance to your current and future data needs.  Our data infrastructure and communication structured cabling solutions will provide you with the ultimate performance and reliability for today and tomorrow’s copper infrastructure requirements.  Medina Electric designs and installs Cat 5e, Cat 6, and Cat 6a cabling including racking systems that meet and exceed industry standards with tested and certified cable installations. 

  • From a data center to an office or other building, we will cable for your data or voice communication needs
  • Our planning reduces costs through each step of your cable’s life cycle: installation; moves, adds, and changes; maintenance and administration.
  • Deficient cabling systems are the cause of up to 70% of network issues and by installing a standards compliant product many of these issues can be effectively eliminated.
  • Documentation of your cabling will reduce troubleshooting, repair and new additions, saving you time and money.
  • Our team will help you manage the documentation of new and existing cable to make life easier in the future. 

Security and Access Control
From large enterprises to small businesses, access control and video surveillance is essential to protecting your investments and offer peace of mind for your employees. Whether it’s an infrastructure consisting of hundreds of cameras and recorders, to being integrated with a current CCTV or access control system, we can assist with security system recommendations and installation from start to finish.


Newer ‘Networked’ or integrated systems combine multiple security features such as CCTV, access control, intruder alarms and perimeter protection into one system that provides more comprehensive security coverage for your organization. In addition, networking or integrating your security system with your computer networks can reduce costs and workload.


Medina Electric can advise you how to maximize returns on your security investment and provide you with security system equipment pricing. We also provide consulting as an integral part of a total solution which includes installation, commissioning and maintenance.


Sound Masking
Reduce conversational distractions and protect sensitive conversations in call centers and offices. Sound masking is the addition of a familiar air conditioning-like background sound to an environment. There are many benefits of sound masking, and anyone can use it. Whether you work in a large or small office, sound masking is something you need to create speech privacy, to make an environment more comfortable, and to help make workers more productive. The addition of sound masking will make your operations run more smoothly and is highly recommended for nearly every work environment.


Uses for Sound Masking:

  • Open office layout with executives and employees in the same room
  • Eavesdropping Prevention
  • Speech Privacy
  • Reduced workplace stress levels
  • Productivity increases when conversational distraction is reduced

AV Installations
No matter what your situation is, we have the right tools and the right team to get the job done and give you exactly what you need. Conference rooms are typically our most requested area, as it is the room that most businesses use to discuss and make key decisions. Whether this room is small or large, we can pick out the right equipment accordingly. We can assist with projectors, television screens, speakers, amplifiers, and control systems. Our goal is to make this room easy to use and the perfect environment to meet and discuss ideas.



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